If you are seeking to Make Money in the Stock Market in the easiest way possible. Then this course by Mr. Alok Daiya, helps you learn about those 4 Important Candlestick Patterns that can help you make money in Stock Market in a very easy and unique way. In this Video, Learn All About the: • Types of Analysis • Introduction to Technical Analysis • Difference between Technical & Fundamental Analysis • Basics of Candlestick Chart Patterns • Candlestick Charts - Bullish Candle and Bearish Candle • Types of Charts • Assumptions of Technical Analysis • Features of Technical Analysis • Investor v/s Trader • 2 Bullish reversal Candlestick patterns • 2 Bearish reversal Candlestick patterns • Trend, Colour and Volume with it’s significance and importance. - Special: How to Identify Support & Resistance Language - Hinglish Duration: 2 hours To know more about us, visit: www.AlokDaiya.com