Are you looking for a way to make money investing? Do you want to learn how to make money through stocks but find the whole process intimidating and confusing? Look no further! Financial Tambola is an online course that will make learning about stocks and investing easy and fun. You will learn how to identify good companies to invest in and make money through stock market fluctuations with the Help of Fundamental Analysis in a Gamification Mode. Language: Hinglish Designed & Mentored by Mr. Alok Daiya (A Financial Market Professional with an Experience of over 20 Years in the Industry). TOPICS TO BE COVERED: DAY 1: Financial Tambola - An Introduction to Fundamental Analysis DAY 2: Economic Analysis DAY 3: Industry Analysis DAY 4: Company Analysis DAY 5: Profit & Loss Statement Analysis DAY 6: Balance Sheet Analysis DAY 7: Ratio Analysis To Know More About Us, Log on to: or you can call us at: 9331111888