This course is designed for you to take your first step into the exciting world of derivatives trading. You will learn how to trade derivatives such as futures and options, and how to manage the risks associated with these products. The course will teach you how to use derivatives to hedge your portfolio and to take advantage of price movements in the markets. You will also learn about the different types of derivatives products available, and how to use them to achieve your trading goals. Duration: 7 Days Language: Hinglish Designed and Mentored by Mr. Alok Daiya. TOPICS TO BE COVERED:- DAY 1: Derivative & Derivative Products DAY 2: Derivative Payoff DAY 3: Open Interest Game DAY 4: Option Strategies - Part 1 DAY 5: Option Strategies - Part 2 DAY 6: Option Trading - Part 1 DAY 7: Option Trading - Part 2 To know more about us, log on to: