This gamification course is a great way to learn how to trade with a Hammer pattern and make money. The course is easy to follow and includes helpful tips and tricks. With this course, you can become a successful trader and make money with Hammer pattern along with 15 more Reversal Patterns. Language: Hinglish Designed and Mentored by: Mr. Alok Daiya (SEBI Registered Research Analyst, with an experience of 21 Years in the Financial Industry) TOPICS TO BE COVERED: TOPIC 1: GAME OF HAMMER • Introduction to Technical Analysis • Types of Charts • Assumptions of Technical Analysis • Features of Technical Analysis • Candlestick Chart - Bullish Candle and Bearish Candle • Trend • Types & Features of Hammer TOPIC 2: LET'S PLAY WITH DRAGONFLY • Revision on Game of Hammer • Doji • Types of Doji • Features of Doji • Game with Dragonfly • Importance of Volume TOPIC 3: GOOD HARAMI & ART OF ENGULFING • Double Body Formation • Features of Harami - Bullish & Bearish Reversal • Features of Engulfing - Bullish & Bearish Reversal • Support, Resistance & Volume TOPIC 4: WEALTHY PLANETS • Three Body Reversal Pattern • Features of Morning Star • Features of Evening Star • Game with Wealthy Planets TOPIC 5: AVENGERS AVERAGE TOPIC 6: GAME OVER • Indicators & Oscillators • Average - Simple, Exponential • Significance of Days • Game of Overbought - RSI • Game of Oversold - Stochastic TOPIC 7: RULES FOR NEW GAME • Dow Theory • Do’s and Don’ts of Technical Analysis • Trading Strategies • Significance of Stop Loss • How to Generate Calls • EOD and Technical Analysis • 30 minute AD Strategy & 50-50 AD Strategy To know more about us, Log on to: