www.mahatenders.gov.in Video Course: Learn at your own pace. Langauge: Marathi Course Content: 1. Unemployed Engineers PWD Contractor Registration Documents 2. For PWD Registration, Free Employment Exchange Registration Process 3. Never Search Government Tenders by this method 4. Tender Search Best Method - Etendering 5. What is Tender Notice, EMD, SD, AOC, DLP - Etendering Training 6. Defect Liability Period 7. Reading of Tender Notice & Details 8. What is DSC & Which is suitable for me for Etendering 9. Etendering Setting of Computer Part 1 Java Installation & Setup 10. Etendering Setting of Computer Part 2 Browser Setting 11. Etendering Setting of Computer Part 3 : DSC Epass Drivers Installation 12. Bidder Enrollment on www.mahatenders.gov.in 13. My Accounts : Profile, DSC, Notifications, Dashboard 14. Use of My Documents on www.mahatenders.gov.in 15. Search Active Tenders & Adding to My Tenders 16. Preparing Envelope 1 Using PDF Professional Software 17. PDF Signer (Multiple Pages) 18. BOQ Preparation for Tender Submission 19. Additional Performance Security 20. Tender Submission 21. OID Submission on www.mahatenders.gov in casestudy 22. Etendering Training Bid Resubmit 23. Etendering Training Bid Withdraw 24. My Payment History 25. Tender Status : Checking Previous Tenders 26. What happen In Last Minute Tender Submission on mahatenders.gov.in 27. Problem & Solution Case Study on Tender BOQ Video 1: All Settings in One Video Vidoe 2: Tender Searching to Submission