This is framed for aspirants of NTA CSIR NET MATHS who wish to study Complex Analysis thoroughly from basics. This course will not only be beneficial for aspirants of CSIR NET but also for aspirants of TIFR, GATE, NBHM and other competitive exams. Salient Features of the Course: 1. Starting from Basics of complex numbers, Video Lectures of basic set topology, complex functions, Limit & continuity of functions, Analytic functions, complex integrals, sequence and series, Singularities, Taylor and Laurent Series, Important theorems, Bilinear Transformation etc. are provided. Important questions are discussed along with each topic to solve the questions quickly in the exam. 2. Previous Year Papers Questions are Discussed of Complex Analysis of NTA CSIR NET MATHS exam. 3. Hard copy of the study material will be sent to your address. 4. Online TESTs are included with SOLUTIONS to check your performance. 5. Doubts of the students are taken by experts. For any query, you may call 8837643612.