Welcome ! This course is in Marathi with English examples. Do you want to find a job fast? Learn directly from International life coach and trainer Mayur Pangrekar. This video course is a game changer. Why choose this video course? - Highly engaging course - 33 examples - Step by step methods - Efficient and effective job search - Proven knowledge, so confidence improvement - Practical tips - Resume samples for engineers (IT, mechanical, civil), BCom, BBA, MBA, pharmacy - Direct access to me through 1 to 1 video coaching I will personally guide you. Need to prepare for a changing world and you need to do it fast. People who do it fast with online learning will beat the competition. Who this course is for? * For freshers & students * Job Aspirants * College Students * Junior Executives Course requirements * Willingness to learn new methods What is included in this course? 01 Resume introduction 02 Resume preparation 03 Resume dos & donts 04 English 2 key habits - listening, watching 05 English 3 key habits - speaking, reading, thinking 06 English - powerful strategies 07 Phone speaking skills 08 Phone speaking powerful tips 09 Email writing skills 10 Interview 4 key questions with answers 11 Interview 5 questions with answers 12 Before interview preparation & 12 tips 13 Interview rapport building 14 Job search strategies 15 LinkedIn profile for professional online presence Your Trainer * Certified life coach, CCA, Canada * Certified NLP coach & practitioner, ICTA, Europe * Trained by Dr. Vivek Bindra’s EAE program, New Delhi * Trained by Mr. Ravi Prakash of Ace Speculum Family, Pune * Trained 3000 people (students, working professionals & entrepreneurs) on soft skills (team collaboration, enhancing communication, stress management, productivity improvement and many more), business startup and sales growth. * 20 years of successful industry work experience in USA & India