Tailored in a way that helps you lose those calories, inches & fat while gaining a bonus of increased endurance, stamina, and strength. This is the perfect workout plan for you if: - You are conscious of your fitness but have limited knowledge about it - Losing fat and staying consistent is your long-term goal - Persistence has been a problem but you wish it weren’t - You want to increase your stamina, energy, and productivity - You find yourself getting exhausted quite quickly - You want a workout without the need for gym equipment - You want to gain muscles without heavy equipment - You want clear, fresh, and glowing skin all-day Program Bonus: - Support over Chat option in the app - Whatsapp group for Accountability Note: The Video plays at 720p (A lower video quality). the Audio quality is good. Would recommend you connect to your EarPhone or Speakers. Note: This course will be available for a month so you to complete all the workout Videos in Time (So you do procrastinate and get into a regular workout routine!) PS: You will have a free LIVE Workout Session with our Head Instructor. See you in Class!