Learn Basic concepts of Beck's Cognitive therapy. Whether you are starting your therapy practice or want to refine your therapy skills, the foundational workshop on Beck's cognitive therapy introduces you to the model of CBT and learn the practical skills. What's more, your therapy will be supervised at every step, and there will be plenty of demonstrations of LIVE therapy!! Course content: DEPRESSION · Cognitive triad. · Activity monitoring. · Activity scheduling. · Behavioral activation. · Behavioral cycles in depression. · Cognitive distortions in depression. · Cognitive restructuring. · Behavioral experiments. · Homework. ANXIETY · Cognitive model of anxiety · Primary and secondary appraisals · Different anxiety disorders and their cognitive models · GAD, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, hypochondriasis, PTSD Operant conditioning in Anxiety disorders · Exposure based interventions o Identifying safety behaviors and avoidance o Building hierarchy of exposure o Building commitment to exposure o Exposure and response prevention · Cognitive restructuring · Cognitive, behavioral and emotive techniques · Homework Learning method: 1. Engaging video lectures. 2. Videos of right and wrong methods by therapists. 3. MCQs. 4. PDF notes. 5. References for further reading. Eligibility: Participants of all nationalities. Participants who are willing to put in the effort, are proactive and keen to learn shall benefit most from the programme. Essential Requirements 1. All participants must download the app Morphic Minds from Play store by clicking here https://bit.ly/3JPGiT6 For App store u need to download My institute app and enter the code gfeko Trainers: Dr. Shishir Palsapure MD (Hom) MSc (Psy) is a practising psychotherapist with vast experience, he is an Associate Fellow, Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy supervisor (Training faculty level 2) certified by the prestigious Albert Ellis Institute, New York, NY, USA. He is the Director of Morphic Minds, an Affiliated Training Center of IAREBT. He also received his training at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research, Philadelphia, USA. Venue: Morphic Minds app and your desk! How the training will be delivered: There shall be live lectures, MCQs on the Morphic Minds app. PDF file of notes and articles PDF of Certificate of completion Certificate of completion signed by Dr. Shishir Palsapure from Morphic Minds, an affiliated training center of the International Association of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (IAREBT). This shall be mailed separately besides the Course completion certificate you can download from the App. Investment: INR 3999 FAQs 1. Who is offering the certificate? Morphic Minds, an accredited training center of IAREBT shall offer the certificate. 2. Is the certificate recognized all over the world? The course is designed to upskill mental health professionals, and not to make them eligible for various courses at universities or colleges. However, check with the organization or institute you are applying to if this value addition course is recognized by them. 3. Can I call myself CBT-REBT Practitioner after this course? No 4. Can I practice CBT- REBT after this course? If you are a mental health professional, you can practise even without the course. This course is designed to offer you skills, knowledge, supervision and training in CBT and REBT. 5. Will the recordings be provided if I miss the lecture? No, please be regular with the classes, and keep your cameras on. Candidates keeping the cameras off shall be considered absent from the class. 6. I will be sponsored by my organization. They shall pay once the training is over. Shall I get admission? Congratulations on being sponsored by your organisation. Please pay full amount in advance to secure your admission, and when the organization issues your cheque, and its realised in the account, MM shall refund your full amount. We cannot secure your seat without full payment. MM regrets the inconvenience. 7. Is the certificate offered by IAREBT? No, IAREBT courses are to be announced soon. Stay tuned. 8. Will I be confident enough to practise CBT after the course? 100% of our students have reported that they are MORE confident than they were before the training. They also showed progress on their objective tests of knowledge, skills as the training progressed. Individual results will depend on your own efforts, and learning. Have more questions? Call at 87665 13721 Once you register, the corresponding internship in charge shall get back to you. Disclaimer: This professional training is skill-building and knowledge-enhancement training. This trai