Dear Agents (Part time & full time), We are hiring people for existing and upcoming ventures, who are really passionate about building their career without putting much efforts and getting good returns. We are welcoming people to work with SHAJWAL TEAM, if you are really passionate about doing real estate business with us, join our team. Those who already joined any course in this SHAJWAL App automatically joins the App and becomes the member. How do you do business ? 1. You don't need to explain about our ventures to customers, as Our company promotes the ventures in our youtube channel and other social media platforms. 2. Transparency in all approvals 3. Clarifying the doubts individually as well as your teams on LIVE 4. If you are team leader you will get access in this app to maintain your team like us. 5. Product knowledge will be shared every time 6. No need to come to the office every time, you can operate work and your team on this app itself. 7. People who want work as part time agent can work from anywhere. 8. People can work from abroad like USA, UAE, Australia etc 9. We will make the teams and make one person as leader who has to look after them. 10. Our team members always in touch with you and give service 11. We create groups for your team only as like as whatsapp, where you can communicate with them always and they won’t be miss-guided. 12. Commission will be provided time to time as per your eligibility. 13. Your lead and your agent won’t be misguided. we strictly follow the policies, where you need to follow the same. 14. You are not entertained to miss lead any agent and any customer as lot of restrictions in this App *) no phone number posted in the group by any group member as miss guided or miss lead by any of the agents or any body many more... Join the team, start doing the business with SHAJWAL Let us grow all together in real estate. if anything else to be added or modified, message us in the CHAT box regards, SHAJWAL Team 7997701234