New Batch Date : 10th January Course Timing : - 7pm - 9pm Total Recommendation : #38 Recommendation Course Highlights : Psychology -> One to one feedback available. -> You will understand the core concept of each picture shown in the TAT process. -> After the course you will be able to freely write 5 sentences on a single WAT word. -> Understand the logical requirement behind every situation asked. -> Make your self description completely different from others. -> Give unlimited psychology test to get the feeling of actual psychology pressure. Interview -> More than 7 Mini interviews will be conducted. -> Every day you will be giving an interview and will see improvement on daily basis. -> There are reasons for every answer, understand the pattern and become expert. -> Learn how to gain confidence even in pressurized situation. -> Handle Rapid fire questions like a cake walk. -> At the end your main interview will be conducted, which will be recorded and recording will be shared with you for analysis and improvement purpose. GTO -> Every Weekend we conduct Group Discussion session for the practice purpose. -> Topics are selected based on the current SSB GD topics. -> Become expertise in calculating the distance and time for Group Planning Exercise. -> Our GTO being the best. SSBPsych’s freshers are more expert than any recommended candidate. -> Learn at least 6 solutions for each situation in outdoor task. -> Lecturette is the thing that we practice every day.