WBCS Main Mock Test (Compulsory Papers with Bengali / Hindi / Nepali as Language) 2021 Features - 🔥 Flexible time- Take test at your ease. 🔥 30 Mock tests 🔥 Include language papers 🔥 Downloadable papers 🔥 Low cost at 3499/- 🔥 Error free . 🔥 Actual exam wise tests. 🔥 No Model Answer / description for descriptive paper will be provided, only marks will be given by experts. 🔥 Prepared by WBCS Gr A Officers as per prevailing standard of WBCS Exam. 👉Mock test for Prelims exam 2022 available. Optional's mock test will start soon. NB: Questions are for evaluative purpose of your preparation only. Do not purchase these tests expecting "COMMON" questions from it. However since vast area are covered by these tests many questions may be directly or indirectly related to these questions as usual.